How to Press a Sarah Alexandra Shirt

Learn how to press your new Sarah Alexandra Shirt

Now that you've purchased your new Sarah Alexandra shirt and worn it once or twice, you're no doubt going to need to press it again before you go back out. We've created a video to show you how we do it!

Take a look as Sarah McKinney (president of Sarah Alexandra) takes you step by step through the process. Sarah will show what you need, where to start, and what to look out for as you make your way across one of her shirts. 

Items Needed to Start:

  1. Ironing Board

  2. Rowenta Perfect Steam Iron

  3. Sleeve Board

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Start with the cuff of the sleeve

  2. Press the sleeve (w/o the sleeve board)

  3. Follow that with the yoke of the shirt (upper back panel)

  4. Next is the collar of the shirt

  5. Then do the front and back of the shirt

  6. Lastly, to remove the crease in the sleeve by using the sleeve board