How to Style Your Sarah Alexandra Signature & Weekend Shirts

How to Style Your Sarah Alexandra Signature & Weekend Shirts

One of the many things that make a Sarah Alexandra shirt special and unique is the collar. The two shirts that we are styling are The Signature Shirt and The Weekend Shirt. The Signature Shirt, which is based off the design of Renee Bassetti's signature design, has the more unique collar of the two. Following are three ways to style your Sarah Alexandra collared shirt.


The Signature Shirt

1. Pop The Collar Completely. This creates a fun, stylish, and very unique design that showcases the shape of the long sturdy collar while at the same time framing the shape of your face nicely.

2. Fold the Back of the Collar Down Halfway and Let the Points of the Collar Flare Out. This slight variation allows the points of the collar to create a "sculpture" design as well as open the neckline to showcase a nice necklace.

3. Fold the Collar all the Way Down. This is the more conservative way to wear the shirt. However, keep in mind that the points of the collar should still maintain an "arcing" design rather than laying flat against your chest.

The Weekend Shirt

1. Pop the Collar Completely. With a slightly different collar design, this makes The Weekend Shirt the perfect balance of trendy and casual.

2. Drop the Collar (with the top buttons open). With the conservative nature of this style, The Weekend Shirts becomes casual and ready to wear for any occasion.

3. Drop the Collar and Button the Shirt to the Top. You can be trendy and fashionable with this design. Pair it with a pocket square for the complete look!