Renee And The Art Of Knitting

Renee And The Art Of Knitting

In addition to being a custom shirt maven, Sarah’s mom – Renee Bassetti – has another valuable skill up her sleeve: knitting.

Inspired by her own mother’s knitting, Renee displayed a flair for the craft at five-years-old. Today, she enjoys creating unique knitwear pieces and learning about the traditions around the time-honored skill. Her lucky family reap the benefits of her labor: grandchildren Hudson, Helen and Oliver all sport sweaters made by her hand, perfect for the winter season.

“Knitting is worldwide, and different cultures do it differently,” says Renee, who prefers the Continental style. One of her favorite sweater patterns originates from Sweden and is called Bohus, which reached international popularity through celebrities like Ingrid Bergman and Grace Kelly donning the style. Mittens are another knitting favorite and, in particular, Renee recently developed an interest in Latvian mittens, which often served as traditional gifts at weddings and other important life events.

Knitting is a versatile art and can be tailored to a variety of styles. Below, Sarah wears a modern, neutral-toned slouchy hat, as well as a Bohus style sweater that pairs perfectly with the Silver Fox Signature Shirt.

Bright colors and intricate patterns also can be fun for kids of different ages, like the hats worn by Sarah’s children made especially for them by Renee.

Though knitting can seem daunting to a beginner, it helps to start small. Renee recommends starting with square potholders and working up to other simpler items such as scarves, baby hats and even accessories for plush toys. Find a color that catches your eye or a yarn texture you love; Renee likes to work with lambswool for its lightweight quality and durability.

Next up, Renee looks forward to diving into Fair Isle knitting, originating from the Shetland Islands. In the meantime, she enjoys knitting as a respite, whether it be a few minutes while waiting for someone or uninterrupted for hours on a plane during her work trips, “I like the technique and movement, it’s very methodical. It’s a repetitive motion that’s quite soothing and meditative.”

Is there a special secret to becoming a knitting pro? Well, not exactly, it’s pretty hard work that takes time to develop. As Renee says,”Like anything in life, it just takes persistence and really wanting to do it.”