Sarah & Renee Share Their Favorite Family Holiday Recipes

 The holidays have arrived! The tree has been decorated and the stockings have been hung by the chimney with care. However, between the day-to-day obligations and gift shopping, you also have a looming holiday dinner to prepare for and need some simple recipes to help keep everyone full and happy. Never fear! Sarah, with the help of her mother Renee Bassetti, are here to save the day with two family favorites they are delighted to pass on to you. After all, sharing good food with good people is what makes the holidays so special, and these two dishes hold fond memories for both mother and daughter alike. So take a deep breath and gather your ingredients as Sarah warmly invites you into her home. She'll show you step-by-step how to make two tried and true holiday favorites: Anita's Cranberry Sauce and Renee's Stuffing!


First things first, make sure your kitchen is prepped with clean surfaces and that all your ingredients are out and ready.


Start with the cranberry sauce (it takes longer to cook and you can make the stuffing while it bakes). Gather the following ingredients:

3 cups sugar

1 cup water

1 lb. fresh cranberries

Then, dissolve the sugar and water in a dutch oven over med-high heat.


Once dissolved add cranberries and bake in a 275 degree oven.


After 2 hours of baking, this scrumptious cranberry dish is ready to serve. Tasting both tart and sweet, it's a delectable side dish to add to your holiday meal.


While the cranberry sauce is cooking in the oven, you can start on the stuffing. Here's what you will need:

2 cubes unsalted butter

2 packages Jimmy Dean sausage

6 stalks of celery - chopped

2 onion - chopped

1 lb. sliced mushrooms

3 tablespoons poultry seasoning

4 cups chicken broth

2 packages of Pepperidge Farms stuffing

To get things going, melt 1 cube of butter in a large stockpot then add sausage to the melted butter and stir.


Next, add celery, onion, mushrooms & the second cube of butter and sauté for 15 – 20 minutes.


Once sauteed, add chicken broth and poultry seasoning.


Next, mix in two packages of stuffing and stir.


Once the bread crumbs are moist and the ingredients have been thoroughly mixed, then voilà!  You have a perfectly delicious savory stuffing that everyone will enjoy.


Last, but certainly not least, after all the wining and dining is complete, enlist a helper for clean up duties! Winnie, the family dog, loves to help Sarah put away the dishes.


We hope you enjoy incorporating these recipes into your own favorite family traditions of the season. Happy Holidays from our family to yours!